101 Uses of Mr Pink Clothes Pegs

See below for our amazing list of 101 Neat things to do with Mr Pink Clothes Pegs.

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1. Hang your clothes out on an old-fashioned clothesline
2. Hang your clothes out on a windy day
3. Clip socks together in washing machine
4. Bookmark
5. Key Ring
6. Clip your clothes on clothes airer
7. A handle
8. Acupuncture pressure point
9. Animals
10. Art
11. Artboard
12. Attaching fishing line to a rod
13. Attaching notes or photos to a bulletin board
14. Attaching notes or posters to a wall
15. Attaching props to a display
16. Bookmark
17. Children painting
18. Children spelling names
19. Children’s crafts
20. Children’s toys
21. Clip a garden hose
22. Clip a plastic bag
23. Clip curtains block sunlight
24. Clip laundry to a line
25. Clip receipts or coupons together
26. Clipping a pen to a notebook
27. Clipping a scarf or shawl in place
28. Clipping business cards together
29. Clipping coupons together
30. Clipping curtains closed
31. Clipping fabric samples together
32. Clipping invoices together
33. Clipping pictures or photos together
34. Clipping receipts together
35. Closing open bags of birdseed
36. Closing open bags of candy
37. Closing open bags of cereal
38. Closing open bags of chips
39. Closing open bags of crackers
40. Closing open bags of dried beans
41. Closing open bags of dried fruit
42. Closing open bags of flour
43. Closing open bags of nuts
44. Closing open bags of pasta
45. Closing open bags of popcorn
46. Closing open bags of rice
47. Closing open bags of snacks
48. Closing open bags of sugar
49. Closing open bags of trail mix
50. Colour coding
51. Colour separating papers
52. Craft project clip
53. Decorating stuff
54. Detecting fish bite
55. Ear reflexology
56. General purpose clips or holders
57. Glow in the dark
58. Grape bird netting
59. Hang a banner
60. Hang from a beach umbrella
61. Hang beach shade
62. Hang a bird feeder
63. Hang Christmas lights
64. Hang a clothesline
65. Hang a curtain
66. Hang a door curtain
67. Hang a flag
68. Hang a key rack
69. Hang a lamp
70. Hang a light
71. Hang a mosquito net
72. Hang a net
73. Hang a photo frame
74. Hang a planter
75. Hang a poster
76. Hang a pot rack
77. Hang a sail
78. Hang a shower curtain
79. Hang a sign
80. Hang a string of lights
81. Secure a tablecloth
82. Hang a towel
83. Hang a wind chime
84. Hang a windsock
85. Hang a wind spinner
86. Hang artwork
87. Hang Christmas decorations
88. Holding clothes on coat hanger on the line
89. Hang up small toys
90. Hanging a mobile or dreamcatcher
91. Hanging a picture or mirror
92. Hanging laundry to dry
93. Hanging orders in takeaway shops
94. Hanging posters or artwork
95. Hanging up holiday cards
96. Hanging up tools in a workshop or garage
97. Hold a broken car window in place
98. Hold a flashlight in place
99. Hold a tarp or drop cloth in place while painting
100. Hold food for pets
101. Holding a broken piece of jewellery in place
102. Holding a bundle of cords together
103. Holding a fan in place while working
104. Holding a fishing line in place
105. Fishing lure
106. Fishing alarm
107. Holding a fishing net
108. Holding a fishing reel
109. Holding a fishing rod
110. Holding a flashlight in place while working
111. Holding a hairbrush in place while styling
112. Holding a kitchen tool in place while cooking
113. Holding a magazine or book open
114. Holding a paintbrush in place while working
115. Holding a pencil or pen in place while working
116. Holding a phone or tablet while filming or taking photos
117. Holding a spoon in place while cooking
118. Holding a toothbrush in place while brushing
119. Holding a water bottle in place while hiking
120. Holding baking paper

121. Holding dangerous stuff
122. Holding earphones
123. Holding fishing hooks
124. Holding gloves
125. Holding hair back while cutting or styling
126. Holding herbs in place while cooking
127. Holding nails
128. Holding open a cookbook
129. Holding pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together
130. Holding seedlings in place in a garden
131. Holding tea towels, dishcloths
132. Holding together gardening gloves
133. Holding toothbrushes
134. Holding up a hose for irrigation
135. Holding up plants while they grow
136. How many can you clip together
137. Keep matching socks together in draw
138. Keeping bird cages shut
139. Laundry line clip
140. Learning colours
141. Magnet fishing game
142. Make a candle wick holder
143. Make a DIY bookmark
144. Make a DIY candle holder
145. Make a DIY clock
146. Make a DIY earrings
147. Make a DIY hair clip
148. Make a DIY hair tie or elastic
149. Make a DIY headband or hair accessory
150. Make a DIY keychain
151. Make a DIY keychain or zipper pull
152. Make a DIY lampshade
153. Make a DIY magnet
154. Make a DIY mask
155. Make a DIY pen
156. Make a DIY pencil holder
157. Make a DIY pendant
158. Make a DIY photo album
159. Make a DIY photo collage frame
160. Make a DIY photo display
161. Make a DIY photo frame
162. Make a DIY photo frame magnet
163. Make a DIY photo stand
164. Make a DIY photo wall
165. Make a DIY picture frame
166. Make a DIY picture frame stand
167. Make a DIY picture frame wall hanger
168. Make a DIY picture hanger
169. Make a DIY picture hanging clip
170. Make a DIY picture hanging cord
171. Make a DIY picture hanging kit
172. Make a DIY picture hanging system
173. Make a DIY picture hanging wire
174. Make a DIY purse or bag
175. Make a DIY wallet
176. Make a dreamcatcher
177. Make a garland or bunting
178. Make a mobile
179. Make a necklace or bracelet
180. Make a picture collage
181. Making a DIY notebook or journal
182. Making games, hide the peg
183. Mark plants
184. Marking groups of things
185. Marking the pages of a book
186. Marking the place in a directory
187. Marking the place in a hymnal
188. Marking the place in a magazine or novel
189. Marking the place in a planner
190. Marking the place in a script
191. Marking the place in sheet music
192. Measuring distances
193. New inventions for having fun
194. Oyster spat
195. Pain tolerance
196. Paper clip
197. Peg a number
198. Phone holder
199. Picture hanging clip
200. Post it notes
201. Prevents burning fingers
202. Puppets
203. Recipe card holder
204. Seal the top of a paint can
205. Sealing open bags
206. Sealing open bags of anything
207. Secure a tablecloth
208. Secure a tarpaulin
209. Secure tarps or drop cloths
210. Securing a bandana or hair tie
211. Securing a bicycle cover
212. Securing a boat cover or tarp
213. Securing a bungee cord
214. Securing a canvas to a frame
215. Securing a generator cover
216. Securing a grill cover
217. Securing a grill cover or tarp
218. Securing a hat to a backpack or purse
219. Securing a hot tub cover
220. Securing a lawn mower cover
221. Securing a lawn tractor cover
222. Securing a pipe or hose in place
223. Securing a pool cover
224. Drinking party game
225. Securing a pressure washer cover
226. Securing a snow blower cover
227. Securing garden hoses
228. Securing plant stems
229. Securing tarps or covers
230. Several peg world records
231. Teach children to count
232. Teaching motor skills
233. Tidy cables
234. Mark a track
235. Hide and seek
236. Use as tag game
237. Use the springs
238. Use to track kiwi in bush