Mr Pink Clothes Moth Traps

For Control & Prevention see below

Mr Pink Clothes Moth Traps are an easy to use, no mess, perfectly safe, odourless solution to breaking the moth life cycle. The all natural pheromone based trap has absolutely no poison or pesticides and the Moth Trap is a perfectly safe no mess solution to get rid of moth infestations.

Mr Pink Clothes Moth Traps use a sticky board, impregnated with moth pheromones which attracts several different moths that eat clothes and similar natural fibre products
Moths follow the scent and become trapped, breaking the moth life cycle.

Important Note :

The Pantry moth and Clothes moth are two different types of moth, therefor the pheromones used are different for each moth and only attract that moth. A Pantry moth trap will not attract Clothes moths, and a Clothes moth trap will not attract Pantry moths.

Why do we need Clothes Moth Traps?

With New Zealand summers becoming longer and more temperate we have seen an increase in clothes moth populations.
If you find holes appearing in your woollen sweaters it maybe an indication of clothes moth infestation.
The increase of clothes bought from charity or vintage shops are at increased risk as they come into contact with old clothes from so many places. This means there is a greater chance of them encountering existing moth infestation, and for that infestation to then be transferred.
Older clothes are more likely to be made from the natural fibres which moths feed on – such as wool, cotton, and cashmere.
They present themselves in a larvae form before moving into a pupae and then a moth.
Females lay eggs in clusters of between 30 and 200 which adhere to surfaces with a gelatine-like glue.
The larvae of the clothes moth eat natural fibres, they derive nourishment from clothing – in particular wool, but also many other natural fibres – silk, cotton, linen, fur, feathers.
The eggs hatch between 4 – 10 days later into near-microscopic white caterpillars which immediately begin to feed.
They will also spin mats under which to feed without being readily noticed
Clothes moth infestations quickly breed to cause major damage to clothes, rugs, carpets etc running into several hundreds of dollars.
Place traps in wardrobes, cupboards or where ever clothes, rugs or textiles are stored.

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Control & Prevention of Clothes Moths & Larvae

There are over 1650 species of moths in New Zealand and only about 3 species eat your clothes and natural fibres. There is also a different moth species found in your pantry which you will need to use Mr Pink Pantry Moth Traps to control

We have researched this extensively both here and overseas and it is a real problem because it is the moth larvae and other insects that can eat your clothes.

The Mr Pink 3x Clothes Moth Traps will help break the breading cycle and indicate you have a problem.

If you do have moths on the trap or have holes in your clothes, we recommend taking further action.

Generally, it is only wool, cotton, silk, linen, and natural fibres that are eaten but synthetics are not immune under certain circumstances.

If you have caught moths, a good method for control of all clothes eating insects is to use an Automatic Insect Control System with natural pyrethrums.

We suggest you buy a HIGH QUALITY Automatic Insect Control Device which are readily available from your supermarket.

Continue to use Mr Pink 3x Clothes Moth Trap to monitor when all the moths have been eliminated and to ensure the problem does not re occur.

Another solution for those who put away their winter woollies in summer, pack them into ziplock plastic bags and pit in the freezer overnight. Store over summer in the ziplock bage.

If you get the glue from the trap on anything or the cat it can be easily removed with vegetable oil, test the surface first

We hope this helps.