Mr Pink Clothes Pegs

Finally, I have something to hand down to my children,
That’s how durable mr pink pegs are!!

I have been buying pink push pegs for at least 20+ years and when I reach into the peg bucket I still only pull out the pink pegs. They push onto the clothing (whether it be a shirt, a sheet, a blanket or a towel) so easy without any fuss. They are value for money.

My family have been using the push pegs for nearly 25 years and I still only buy them for my household. I would recommend them to everyone. Also, the boss is one of the nicest guys I
I have met in ages

absolutely! they are strong durable and extremely long lasting. however i only have 1 push peg left….yes ….just 1 single peg. it takes pride in my peg bucket. sadly i cannot find anyone that has them. perhaps somebody could tell me where in lower hutt i can find these amazing pegs! I💗pink pegs

The best pegs they are the only ones that last in our household

These pegs are amazing. They have travelled around the world with me, left out in the sun all day and still going strong!

Mr Pink are the perfect solution for all of us with OCD. Nothing better than having matching pegs to hang out your washing!! Love love love!!

I love me pink pegs I have been using them for years and they last longer than other pegs and they hold your washing on line when it is windy they are the best pegs I’ve had and now the only ones I use now

Mr Pink Moth Traps

Pantry Moth Traps

These are fantastic, within minutes of opening the first moth had died

Its wonderful it has caught lots of moths. Will be buying some more. Will be recommending them to friends & family

Fantastic product thanks. Lots of moths after only a few days!!

Great product already have quite a moth catch

Thanks for the great moth catchers – they work

It’s unbelievable!! All the little blighters are gone. Thank you so much for a brilliant product A++++

Good product have a moth free pantry – yeah!!!

The moth traps certainly catch them – very effective thank you.

The traps have caught so many moths already- its great- thanks

Already caught hundreds of the little buggers.

Clothes Moth Traps

This is a great product now that I can’t get moth balls, I put it in the wardrobe and within a day it had caught moths – great product, I highly recommend it

The new Clothes Moth traps are amazing

Finally something that captures the little pest that eat our clothes